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The Basics: One-on-one tutoring is, by many measures, the most effective way to get better at anything, not just the SAT.  But there’s a small issue: one-on-one tutoring is very expensive, and, unfortunately, it can be incredibly inconsistent. There are millions of people who know all the math, grammar, and vocab necessary for a great SAT score – the problem is very few can actually teach these facts and strategies effectively.

Note: Private Tutoring is not the most effective form of SAT Prep. We recommend the use of Hybrid SAT Prep Programs.

    • Private Tutoring can be the most effective means of learning the SAT if a fantastic tutor with a verified track-record of success is found.
    • The vast majority of private tutors have either bad or non-existent track records. This includes both tutors contracted by  companies and those working independently. Finding a tutor who can actually teach the skills they have is very difficult resulting in a high-risk when contracting a private tutor. Private tutoring is the most expensive option for SAT prep.

Generally we do not suggest using Private Tutors for SAT prep. Private Tutoring is only recommended  when the tutor has a verified track record of success. Otherwise, tutor quality is dangerously inconsistent and overpriced. 

Top SAT 1-on-1 Tutor Services:

 Tutor ProviderRatingOfficial Website
SAT Prep ClassKaplan68.1 /100
SAT Prep ClassPrinceton Review
65.7 /100
SAT Prep ClassStudyPoint
60.9 /100
SAT Prep ClassElite Prep
57.4 /100
SAT Prep ClassVarsity Tutors
56.1 /100
SAT Prep ClassAdvantage Prep55.4 /100
SAT Prep ClassRevolution Prep
54.3 /100


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