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The Basics:  Online Courses can come in a variety of formats, some which are rigid, and similar to books, while others are far more interactive and dynamic.

Note: Online Courses alone are not the most effective form of SAT Prep. We recommend the use of SAT Prep Books in combination with online courses to achieve a Hybrid SAT Prep Program.

    • Some of the greatest tips, tricks, strategies, and skills have been captured in SAT Online Courses. Online courses are relatively inexpensive when compared to other SAT prep options.
    • Online courses may be useful in teaching SAT knowledge, tricks, and strategies, but without the proper books many courses miss key information and forgo critical test practice.

Certain online courses present the greatest effectiveness only when operated with the proper books.

Top SAT Prep Online Courses:

 Online CourseRatingAverage PriceEditor Review
SAT Prep ClassGreen SAT95.5 /100$297
SAT Prep ClassePrep.com50.8 /100$599
SAT Prep ClassGrockit
49.7 /100$359
SAT Prep
49.1 /100$299



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