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The Basics: Classroom Courses are the most common type of SAT prep. They are operated in a form most similar to traditional schooling and therefore seen as an obvious SAT Prep choice to many.

Note: Classes are not the most effective form of SAT Prep. We recommend the use of Hybrid SAT Prep Programs.

    • Classroom courses allow students to learn SAT skills with friends and peers. They are often less expensive than private tutoring options.
    • Classroom courses suffer a handful of major disadvantages when compared to other SAT Prep programs. Classroom courses are not specialized around any one person’s needs, and very often students will be left behind. Becasue of the rigid structure of the classroom and the need to serve multiple students at the same time, very little value is often gained by students.

Classroom courses are very profitable for SAT Prep companies, but their rigid structure results in low test score improvement and  little overall value to students. We do not recommend the use of traditional classroom courses when preparing of the SATs. Far better and more modern options exist.

Top SAT Classes:

 CompanyRatingOfficial Website
SAT Prep ClassKaplan78.4 /100
SAT Prep ClassPrinceton Review
69.6 /100
SAT Prep ClassPowerScore
67.9 /100
SAT Prep ClassSherwood Testing
67.9 /100
SAT Prep ClassVeritas Prep
63.4 /100
SAT Prep ClassSylvan59.8 /100
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