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NOTE: The following review covers the SAT course offered by Kaplan without additional books or materials.  This is NOT a Hybrid course unless combined with SAT Prep books. 

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***We are currently updating our review for 2013.***
Kaplan has long been the biggest name in the test prep industry. They were the first company to offer nationwide test prep, and have quickly used their head start to build an empire from their instruction. Because of their long history in the field, they have managed to create a strong curriculum, with a good set of tips and tricks that teachers convey to students during classroom learning. However, while the tips and tricks they teach are useful, the format, pricing, and overall structure of a Kaplan classroom course leave much to be desired.

Kaplan’s classroom courses do not cater to any individual student. While the tricks they teach are useful, many students describe the courses as simply “being read to.” They can cost over $1,000, come with no guarantee, and many students feel that they would get just as much by simply reading the texts themselves. They’re also somewhat inconvenient to travel to, and the schedules are often on weekend mornings.

Overall, we give Kaplan high marks for the curriculum that they’ve developed, but as an SAT solution, there are much more affordable, convenient, and effective options.

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