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NOTE: The following review covers the online course Grockit without additional books or materials.  This is NOT a Hybrid course unless combined with SAT Prep books. 

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***We are currently updating our review for 2013.***
Grockit is an interesting online learning platform with many moving parts. They call themselves a “social learning platform” because they integrate social media and other sharable interactive elements into their program. They were recently purchased by Kaplan, though it is yet to be said what Kaplan will be contributing to their program and curriculum.

Grockit combines practice problems, answer explanations, online tutoring videos, optional coaching, and many other elements. While Grockit brings plenty to the table, we feel that its main strength is also its main weakness: it simply leaves the student with too many options.

Grockit is, in many ways, a “choose your own adventure” sort of program. Students can do many things, all for the sake of flexibility. If a student is very easily bored, or otherwise unmotivated, he may find Grockit to be an interesting option. However, Grockit’s lack of clarity and clear, step-by-step instruction leaves something to be desired.

If you’re looking for a “fun” way to prep for the SAT, and one that integrates into your other habits, Grockit is an interesting choice. But so far, Grockit’s lack of results and clear curriculum prevent us from giving it extremely high marks.

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