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NOTE: The following review covers the online course ePrep.com without additional books or materials.  This is NOT a Hybrid course unless combined with SAT Prep books. 

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***We are currently updating our review for 2013.***
ePrep is a nice interface with standard SAT curriculum: it contains a large number of practice problems and vivid answer explanations, all of which are relatively accurate to the SAT itself. If you’re looking for a supplement to your studies which can help to give you some practice, along with more in-depth explanations, it’s a fine option. However, ePrep does little in the way of offering a comprehensive PROGRAM to its users.

While users do have the choice to focus on problems that are particularly troublesome, they are still stuck in between two extremes – ePrep does not offer the instruction or individualized attention of a professor, nor the flexibility to offer a true self study program.

If you’re simply looking for practice problems or explanations, you can do just as well by purchasing our recommended books. For more in-depth instruction, we recommend either a hybrid program or a personalized tutor.

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