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We have reviewed over 120 SAT prep products, hundreds of SAT-oriented books and papers, interviewed nine experts in SAT tutoring and preparation, and analyzed 4 distinct approaches for SAT prep. Our results have exposed the following “Hybrid” SAT Prep Programs as the superior options on the market.


SAT Prep Class

SAT Prep Class

SAT Prep Class

SAT Prep Class
1. Program Rating95.5 / 10089.7 / 10083.5 / 10080.1 / 100
2. Customer Rating*5 Star SAT Product4 Star SAT Product3.5 Star SAT Product3 Star SAT Product
3. Editor Review
4. Price$597$599$699$359
5. Avg. Score Increase387300n/an/a
6. Maximum Verified Score Increase790n/an/an/a
7. FormatHybrid Online Course with Books IncludedOnline Course + Purchase of BooksIn-Person Class + Purchase of BooksOnline Course + Purchase of Books
8. Base CategoryHybrid SAT PrepSAT Prep with Books and OtherSAT Prep in the ClassroomSAT Prep with Books and Other
9. Return Policy21 Days100-Point Increase GuaranteeNoneNone
10. Author Reputation5 Star SAT Product3 Star SAT Product4 Star SAT Product4 Star SAT Product
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Review of Top SAT Program:

Green SATRANK: #1
SAT Prep ClassReview Summary
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***We are currently updating our review for 2014.***
Of all the SAT programs we tested, the Green SAT System has proven itself to be the most rigorous - and the most effective. Unlike other programs, the Green SAT System forces its user to become his or her own teacher, an unorthodox approach with profound effects. According to Green SAT System's own website, the average user of the program improves by 387 points. In our tests, our users were improving by at least that much in every case - and in one case, by more than 640 points.

The Green SAT System is entirely online, coupled with a set of three textbooks that come included with purchase. This makes it a built-in “hybrid” SAT Prep program. The system actually contains two course options - a 30-day program and a 60-day program - to fit the timeframes of its users. Both programs are quite similar, but the 30-day program is much more condensed and requires roughly 90-minutes per day of work on the part of its users.

Make no mistake: the Green SAT System is no walk in the park. It replicates the methodologies of Anthony-James Green, a renowned SAT tutor who charges astronomical rates for his services. Green, famous for his no-nonsense approach to the SAT, has translated this same approach to his program.

The key to the system's efficacy comes down to a simple factor which the makers of the program call "standardized flexibility" - all students who use the program go through the exact same course, but the material and drills this course contains are different for every single student.

Throughout this process, the program slow-drips Green's most effective strategies for all three sections of the test into this review. As students continue to move through the material, they're given a stronger foundation upon which to build their understanding of the new material they're confronting, and the old material they're reviewing.

Our number one criteria when evaluating SAT programs is results. So far, of all the options we've tested, the Green SAT System delivers them above and beyond all its competitors, which is why it receives our #1 recommendation. The program also contains a no-questions-asked 21 day money-back guarantee.



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